Group and Team Coaching

Still wondering how to gain and sustain your business competitive edge? Want to work in a good team, meet your business objectives and improve your performance?
Are you committed to unleash your group members’ potential?
Or perhaps you need our firm support to overcome some obstacles in your team?

We, at Tony Inspiracji encourage you, managers, specialists, teams and their leaders to creatively search for new solutions to your ever growing, real-world challenges. Sharing our knowledge and expertise through workshops we help you redefine and develop your business competences to meet the demands of the present-day world.

With the group and team coaching we offer a selection of tools adapted to our customers’ challenges. We work with people truly engaged in the process of reshaping a group of many individuals into a well-orchestrated team. We diagnose any dysfunctions of a team to design and implement solutions resulting in a close rapport, a better mutual trust and understanding, and a more efficient collaboration within a team. This will enhance a prospective team to achieve their individual and common business goals.

What will you, being a boss, your team and you company, gain when you decide to benefit from our expertise and coaching experience?

  • a clear focus of your strengths on your delivery effectiveness

  • a well-motivated, mutually trusted and sincerely and willingly cooperation-oriented team

  • a true commitment to work and a deep sense of responsibility for performance

  • a good team being your intangible assets and key element of your competitive edge

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