FRIS® Different styles of thinking to building effective teams

A team is a variety of Thinking Styles. In many organizations, good communication among team members and high efficiency of joint activities are serious challenges.
In a simple and quick way, FRIS determines the potential of the team, recommends professional activities and provides guidance on how to communicate better.
FRIS responds to today’s challenges in the area of effective project teams creation in the context of rapidly changing reality and business complexity.


Thinking style indicates the types of tasks in which the greatest work satisfaction is combined with its highest efficiency.


Getting to know diversity and specificity of individual thinking styles helps to achieve the effect of synergy


Knowledge of team members thinking styles helps them to communicate better with each other and to easily prevent conflicts



The “FRIS Process” tool makes it easy to match people with adequate skills with projects and tasks


FRIS® process

Recognize your team’s potential using a tool like no other. The FRIS process is an original concept helping to build a team taking into account both efficiency of the activities and job satisfaction. Your group goes from idea to implementation without any preparations? Or does it constantly follow the beaten paths?
The FRIS Process Map allows these phenomena to be observed and predicted even prior to the commencement of the joint work.

FRIS Team Report

For each person, the FRIS team report describes the way of thinking, acting and the approach that they most willingly assume in a team. It is also accompanied by a commentary that describes the dynamics of the group, as well as the communication and collaboration model, and it provides tips helping to improve team effectiveness.

Based on FRIS® methodology (